About Us

About Us

We here at the Plaza know that you don't like choices. We know that you want to be able to go to one company and have all your needs fulfilled, be they financial transactions, buying a pair of new glasses, grabbing a quick meal at McDonald's, getting your car's maintenance taken care of, your tires rotated and oil changed, having your hair cut, getting your prescriptions picked filled, getting your month's groceries purchased, buying DVDs or CDs or video games, getting a new rifle, buying tools, getting new bedsheets, obtaining toys, picking up a new book, or even finding a perfect greeting card!

This is why we set up a one-stop source on the internet for payday loan information - why bother looking around and supporting smaller businesses or local merchants who don't have the bottom line in mine? Why talk to people who might be more knowledgeable or have years of experience in a field when we offer the same thing for $2 less?

Exactly. Save money. Trust what we have to say. Especially because our ads are the freakin' best.

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