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Introductory Note: Readers, we are here today to provide you with some of the arguments opponents use to tarnish the image of the payday advance leader. We are aware and concerned about the Payday Advance Plaza's reputation. Then, in the ensuing paragraph, we present you with the true facts. We hope this contributes to your decision to apply for a fast payday advance.

- Sam, President

The payday advance explosion is pure evil

Or so we're told, time and again. On the surface it's a payday advance discount superstore, but represents so much more than that. It's a ruthless, evil corporation that is already one the nation's biggest, yet will do pretty much anything to get bigger. That's right, anything. If you believe everything you read about the Plaza, you'd think we allowed underage kids to operate heavy machinery, brought in illegal immigrants to work for starvation wages, locking people in the store overnight.

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We also represent all that is soulless and wrong with the American economy today, or so you're told. Crushing the dreams of one small-town provider after another. Poisoning landscapes and communities by erecting 25-acre payday advance depots anywhere we can get the permits to build them. Undercutting all competition with prices low enough to starve out any opposition. That's right, we're a hedonistic, monopolistic and evil payday advance dynasty.

These facts that you read - more appropriately, these misrepresentations of our payday cash advance universe - are the reflection of nothing more than media bias, jealousy, and downright ignorance. Below, you'll get the real story.

Living the payday advance dream

Eddie Smith came to our flagship payday advance loan store in Arkansas in search of a better life. This is the aim of millions of individuals. At first, he wandered in looking for a payday advance to address some emergency cash needs. He left with more than the $300.00 he needed - he had found his calling in life.

Eddie is now part owner of four stores, and has been a big part of streamlining our new division. Is this a feat that anyone can accomplish? Where would you fit in? With Eddie's guidance, we now offer no faxing payday advance loans to anyone with Internet access, further expanding our abilities to receive fast financial aid when they need it most. Sometimes you can't wait for a bank loan. Other times, bad credit might prevent you from securing a loan. Here, we don't do credit checks.

Everyone is deserving of a second chance, and we provide that opportunity.

Within 24 hours of completing one of our online forms, or rolling down to the superstore nearest you (which is probably pretty close by), you will receive payday advance loans up to $500.00. No red tape, no background checks. Just proof of ID and employment.

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