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Payday advances are available for all consumers, regardless of past credit problems. This is a major reason why the popularity of payday advances has soared in recent years.

Payday Advances Help Individuals Ward Off Debt

Payday advances allow you to catch the wave of the future!

If used to be that in order to receive a cash advance, or cash a check with no bank account, you had to go to a hard-to-find, dangerously located mom-and-pop check cashing place in the bad neighborhoods of the inner city. Those days are over, we are happy to report! Now, a superstore - a Plaza, if you will - is coming to suburban towns everywhere, providing everyone with easy and rampant access to truckloads of free money.

It's mad tight. All you need to do is pull up out front, say hello to the nice senior citizens who serve as our greeters, then saunter in to our store. More than likely, it is bigger than most stadiums or convention centers, so you may be disoriented. Not to fear. Finding your way to the payday advances desk is easy enough, for there are a 1,000 or so of them. Even if you can't find them, just ask one of the nice illegal aliens we have working for us!

There is simply no downside to the cash advance payday loan explosion we are witnessing before our eyes! Get on board the payday advance express and experience the glory of easy loans in the weeks, months and years to come!

The never-ending dream of payday advances

The Payday Advance Plaza will not rest until a 129,000-square-foot store with more parking spaces than your average football stadium is entrenched in your town. There is nobody alive that can stop this train. Our payday advances, along with our stores, embody everything that is right with America today. Who are you to resist?

Heck, if you don't like urban sprawl, just stay at home. Now you can apply online for payday advances, too! Just follow our links and you'll be redirected to the Plaza website, or one of our 20,000-plus affiliates. If you see a form on top of the site, that's us. We just call our websites by different names as to avoid federal antitrust violations. You know how it goes. Government folk always trying to take us down because we take money to the people with our no faxing payday advances.

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